The modern world doesn’t stay at one place. Trends are changing really fast and digital marketing is not an exception. The only way to keep up with all newest trends coming out is to keep on reading. There are hundreds of blogs online about digital marketing and it becomes harder and harder to find truly useful information. Below are 5 quality blogs that write about the newest trends in digital marketing industry and definitely worth checking.

Content Marketing Institute


CMI is an exceptional website that posts about original content marketing research, including information on the content marketing industry’s benchmarks, budgets and trends.It also contains a great number of articles about content and blogging best strategies. CMI can be used as a great source to learn how to craft and implement an effective and measurable strategy by your own.



Moz is going to be a really useful choice for you if you want to become an SEO professional. This blog is related to latest search engine marketing trends and is full of useful blog posts on how to handle every element of your SEO strategy and practice – from the technical issues like how to overcome duplicate content issues to communication tactics like content strategy and relationship building.




Kissmetrics specialises in analytics, marketing and testing and its blog posts reflect this specialist knowledge. You can find a lot of beautifully designed infographics containing the latest digital marketing statistics, studies and tests. The blog is also helpful with its useful digital marketing guides that tackle subjects like email marketing, social media and customer analytics. I strongly suggest to use it as a reliable source for your research and for selecting useful statistics for your campaign proposals.



PSFK is an amazing blog that covers everything from gadget and tech industries to marketing campaign insight and analysis. Aside from being visually appealing, the blog provides quality information and pose questions and topics that are interesting and engaging to the curious reader. PSFK has a section of its blog that includes a number of downloadable trend reports that discuss “ the future of…” a number of different industry-related topics. Forget about discussing marketing trends for 2016, cause PSFK already has forecast for 2017.


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