Social Media is at it’s highest engagement period in history. Today, it is commonly leveraged to create and convert leads through social media channels. Most commonly, a company’s marketing department manages the outward-facing social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social networks are a valuable touchpoint where a client or customer can learn about new products, ask questions about the brand, and ask for support.

Instagram provides brands with 25% more engagement over other social platforms. It is a creative, media-based platform that heavily embraces culture of beauty, luxury, aesthetics, retail & consumer products, travel, community, and happiness.


Below I’m outlining some common strategies for  Instagram to produce quality leads. In addition to lead generation, social media and Instagram especially, are now moving into the e-commerce space, allowing users to buy directly from companies’ social channels. 

Use of Hashtags

Similarly to Twitter, users on Instagram use specific hashtags over others — using the right hashtags on photos will increase the post reach and discovery by new users.

WEBSTA (formerly Webstagram) provides Instagram measurements on popular users, hashtags and users. The hashtag in second position, #instagood, holds over 447 million posts. The majority of the top hashtags are focused around beauty, happiness, lifestyle and the Instagram community themselves.

Here you can read the list of the most popular hastags.

This can easily be adopted by an e-commerce consumer product. The importance behind the number of medias for each hashtag is in the search potential. Since a user browse the specific hashtag, they are likely to discover the particular product through frequent use of that hashtag. It is optimal to use a combination of both popular and low- competition hashtags.


Posting Time & Day

Instagram is known to have contrasting high-traffic times than other social networks. Off hours (9p-8a) rank highest in Average Interaction per 1k Followers traffic. However, in order to choose the best time for a particular brand to share posts, the target audience should be observed closely. Imagine a day in the life of your audience? When does your average customer wakes up and scroll down the Instagram? Think about all these things when trying to match the post time with your audience. In addition, these are the best time frames on average to reach more people:

Think about a day in the life of your audience, and try to strategically post according to this. What time are people waking up and doing their first-thing-in-the-morning-Insta-scroll? Do they work full-time? Where do they live? Consider your audience’s down time such as between meetings, commuting, lunch, and before bed. All of these are things to think about when trying to match post time with your audience’s use time.

In addition to considering these factors, test out some of the following recommended times:

  • Hubspot: Anytime from Monday to Thursday except from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Latergramme: Wednesday at 5 p.m. Weekdays between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m.

I would also recommend checking IconoSquare and Hootsuite, two great software tools that will help with optimizing the best time to post to followers.


Additional Tips

The higher the level of interaction with users, the higher the level of mutual return. The combination of following, liking and commenting generates the highest follow-back response when interacting with the followers of competitors. (approx. 35%+)

  1. Post image at a high-engagement hour
  2. Post image with an appropriate filter

Check the top 10 popular filters on Instagram in 2016.instagram-filters

3.  Description: Describe the product and link to its detailed product page on the website

Tip: use an URL shortener such as bit.ly to track the clicks.


  1. Description: use hashtags of the following categories: Brand Keyword Hashtags, Product, Category Hashtags, Location Specific Keyword Hashtags


  1. Description: @Mention other users: Who took the photo? Who is in the photo? Who designed the product? Is it a re-gram?—Mention the original poster.



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