#1. We have to have a presence on all social media platforms.


Facebook or Instagram, Pinterest or Snapchat, or all together? There are literally hundreds of social networking sites and this number is growing rapidly. But every particular social network has its own specific niche. Inability to choose the right social media platform will result in wasted effort, time and money since you will not be able to reach your target audience on its full potential.

#2. I am too busy to read my post again.


Always running out of time thinking that double-checking is less important than anything else? Proofreading decreases chances of making mistakes, especially in grammar. Having grammar mistakes in your posts will not ruin your company, but will definitely make you look unprofessional and will encourage negative perceptions of your brand. Such website as Grammarly, a free and easy grammar checker, will help you to avoid any mistakes in your writing.

#3. Posting time does not matter.


Posting time does really matter! As a person responsible for company’s social media channels you have to make sure that everything that your company says is concise with time. Same as grammatically poor updates, posts that are shared at the wrong time, e.g.  holiday greetings before the actual holiday, will make the company and you look unprofessional. Of course doing marketing and social media for the company requires a lot of time and effort, but there are many tools that allow you to schedule your posts so you will always speak on the right time.  Hootsuite is a great tool and a phone app available for Android and iOS that allows scheduling several posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for free. Later (Latergramme) shares similar features but allows to manage Instagram posts only. Both tools with the plan upgrade give an opportunity to schedule an unlimited amount of posts and track analytics of your online profiles.

#4.  I have to post as much as possible to gain followers and increase engagement.


False? Not necessarily! Certain content shared with the right audience on the regular basis will attract new followers. However, it is necessary to find the golden middle in posting frequency for your profiles so that the content you share will be informative for your audience rather than annoying.

High post frequency can significantly decrease engagement. According to research from Socialbakers, a world-known leader in digital marketing analytics, brands that post on Facebook twice a day rather than once receive only 57% of the likes and 78% of the comments per post. The drop increases as more posts are made in a day. The same trend was observed with Twitter. An engagement of the audience decreases with more than 3 tweets posted.

The proper consideration of the company’s size and scope of business will help to come up with the most appropriate posting frequency.  Make sure that the content sharing strategy is concise with the particular social media channel.



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